Independency: BARAN is leading by management delegation, which is lead by general council (Trusty Board). All members follow the internal policies and express independency in policies, mutual assistance, to society, government and other organizations.

Nonpolitical: BARAN supports no party, group or politic personality and no member of the organization is allowed to use the reputation, influence and resources of the organization for political activities. The organization endeavors to unite Afghan families with the aim of economic growth, rehabilitation and development of Afghanistan.

Justice: BARAN is against all kind of racial, tribal, language, gender and regional discrimination and offers services based on justice. The organization will serve wherever it is needed and where it can contribute to rehabilitation and development of the country. Professionalism: The organization performs all management procedures on the base of professional standards.

Transparency, sincerity and accountability: The organization, its members and representatives strongly follow the principles of transparency, sincerity and accountability during their activities and present transparent information about utilization of resources to society, government and handy organization

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